The Whimsical Les Néréides

The Whimsical Les Néréides

Stepping inside made me feel like Alice in Wonderland. From flowers to fairytales, both dreamy and dramatic, you’ll find a treasure trove at Les Nereides located in City Walk. Uniquely handmade, Les Néréides has something to satisfy every girl’s sweet temptation. Quirky, feminine and whimsical best describes the plethora of luxury costume jewelry available at the stylish boutique.

If you’re in search of a gift for a special lady, or a new trinket to add to your own collection, there’s more than you can imagine at Les Néréides. It houses two collections: Les Néréides and N2. The Les Néréides collection is deftly inspired by nature and Paris. It is feminine and romantic with a vintage appeal. The N2 collection is for the little girl in you who loves fairytales and candy. It is fun, quirky and a reflection of fantasy.

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About Les Néréides Paris

Les Néréides creations are an incarnation of French refinement with a keen eye for detail. The pure lines, harmonious colors, choice of materials are the fruit of a meticulous work. The jewelry is all handmade and hand painted in their workshops. Each piece is unique. Wishing to align tradition with modernity the house has demonstrated technical curiosity accompanied by a permanent quest for innovation.

Les Néréides Paris
City Walk
Al Safa Street, Al Wasl
Tel: +971 4 5114 670