The Dog Days Are Here

The dogtooth season is back, as seen in every boutique window for Autumn/Winter. I’ve never owned an item with this type of pattern before as I’ve always been very selective when it comes to print, usually more inclined to polka dots and florals, but recently my eye has been drawn to the monochrome dogtooth. This post isn’t primarily about my new found love for dogtooth though, it’s about the best deal (or should i say, BEST STEAL) I’ve had in ages!

As most of you might know, I’m addicted to shopping, but that said, I’m also a discount junkie! If I can get the same thing somewhere else for less, I’d spend precious time looking for that slice of heaven!

And this year, I have also taken my shopping from the retail stores to the virtual stores. Why? Not so much for the convenience of not having to drive to the mall, walk around, and stand in line at the changing rooms…I love mall-hopping (except the waiting in line)! But because I get the best deals online.

When there’s a sale, I don’t have to haggle with another woman as crazy as myself for an item I lust for and be bitter later on if I don’t get it (coz I saw it first)! Also, online prices are about 10% cheaper than local retail prices even with shipping cost included. Believe me, I’ve done my research and competitive analysis. Case and point.

Just last week, I ordered three items online from River Island, a pair of pumps and a satchel bag both on sale, along with a pair of tights all in the dogtooth pattern. I paid roughly AED 225 for all three and with the shipping, it came up to about AED 280, which (if you know the retail prices at River Island) is the best bargain ever! And it was delivered to my doorstep just two days after it was dispatched. But that’s not the best part…

So just the other day, out of curiosity I went to the nearest River Island store to compare. Just the shoe (alone) costs AED 450, while I paid only AED 90 (with shipping). So literally I got three pieces (at AED 280) for the price of not one, but just a fraction of one. Oh happy day! Don’t believe me…here’s a picture…and I kinda feel bad for those who had bought it…but so good for myself! 🙂

Photographs by Faith Rodriguez (yours truly).