Before Sunset In Ocean Blue

Nothing beats a picturesque sunset by the ocean, though the soft orange light just before the sun dips into the 

Lady In Red

There’s something about the color red that makes it an instant ‘showstopper’. Straight from the office, I attended the Iconic 

Tan In Winter

You can’t literally get a tan in December (unless you are living in Australia), but the color ‘tan’ is a 

The Leopard Satchel

The leopard print is a trend that knows no season as it continues to grace the catwalks and high street 

End Of Summer Dream

A look back at my favorites this Summer: crochet, chiffon and tropical print. This loose crochet top is the most 

Dots The Way I Like It

I’ve been quite obsessed with polka dots lately and every time I see pretty polka dots I start singing in 

Laced In White

White. The purest of colors. A negative hue with a positive aura. And if I were to do my wedding 

Let’s Be Romantic

Every woman should have a little white dress that dances in the wind. A dress that drapes, a slather of 

Denim And Damask

The weather aint getting any better, and it won’t be for the next couple of months. Even in a loose 

Falling For Monochrome

Wear: Black, White What: Skirt & Shoes – New Look / Blazer – She Likes When: To Work Photographed by 

Candy Pink And Zebra Stripes

Black and white stripes are in! And though monochrome is far from mediocre, there’s always room to get a little