Sizzling Grill Sensations At Kababji

Sizzling Grill Sensations At Kababji

One Tuesday evening my husband and I decided to have a little date night, nothing fancy, just a casual dinner in old Dubai, without the strict formalities just like the good old days. It was refreshing to open up a menu filled with familiar Lebanese dishes and know exactly what you wanted to order. I’m quite the loyalist. If I have a favorite I’ll make sure to order it at every restaurant I go to. It’s just like coming back to the comfort of your own home. And who doesn’t love that?

The very first thing I ordered was the Hommos with Meat. I’ll go to a Lebanese restaurant any day just for this, forget the main course, I usually have this appetizer for my meal. The Hommos with Meat and pine nuts is a traditional blend of chickpeas, tahini and fresh lemon juice, then crowned with shreds of marinated meat and pine nuts. Have it with Arabic bread fresh out of the oven and you can never resist.

Known for their healthy food options, the Kabab Halabi hot off the grill, infused with homemade spices is was my all-time favorite grill. Kababji sure aims to please with its authentic Lebanese dishes promising less grease but all the flavor. Up next were the Lamb Chops grilled to perfection, so tender on the inside and riddled with flavor all the way from the meat to the bone. Another star in my book!

And we washed it down with homemade Laban Aryan, a popular Lebanese yogurt that is cool and just a bit salty, designed to be sugar-free alternative to sweet refreshments to help restore some minerals lost during perspiration on hot summer months.