Seven Classic Revivals

Seven Classic Revivals

Christian Louboutin revives classic art in modern artistry for his Autumn/Winter Collection 2011/2012 ad campaign. It was shot by photographer Peter Lippmann with live models Trissan Polas, Sterenn Nogues, Karom Kelly Lippmann, Lia Catreux, Francoise de Stael and Karen Assayag, drawing inspiration from paintings skilfully contrived by famous French artists.

The campaign consists of seven portraits featuring women from different facets of life, with gorgeous accessories and Christian Louboutin patent red sole footwear.

1. The 8 Mignons Sandal

2. The Tootsie Roccia Leather Ankle Boot

3. The Halte Black Patent High-Heel

4. The Puck Boot

5. The Madame au Pigalili Gold Spiked Platform and Catalina Sequined Clutch

6. The Artemis Shoulder Feathered Bag

7. The Nappa Leather Patent Balda Bootie

* * *

Conceptually, this campaign is reminiscent of Christian Louboutin’s Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 that was also photographed by Peter Lippmann.


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