Relish The Fusion At Bazxar

Relish The Fusion At Bazxar


Whatever tickles your fancy, whether it be American, Asian, or Mediterranean, Bazxar has a fusion of cuisines under one roof. Come for lunch or dinner in the Dining Room, have a cup of coffee or a chilled refreshment at the Lounge, or declare a cheat day with burgers or hotdogs at the Meat District.

One Saturday, I went to to Bazxar for lunch with my sister. To battle my summer thirst I first had some hydration therapy with a chilled fun-sized bucket of Berry Burst. For the first course, The Orzo Risotto, a creamy blend of peas and asparagus, was one of the appetizers served and my favorite of the three.




Moving on to mains, the pan seared Branzino (seabass) stuffed with tomatoes and herbs was exquisite. I don’t normally order fish when I eat out, but it was worth every bite! Then bless my soul, the Blackwmore Picanha, was the most delectable steak I’ve ever tasted. For a person who always needs to have steak with sauce, I was deftly satisfied with the steak on its own.




When it came time for dessert, I was already passed my capacity but who can resist a sweet temptation? The cheesecake with caviar surprises you with a burst of tingling flavors in your mouth. And that wasn’t all. There’s a reason they leave dessert for last, because who doesn’t love a happy ending! Our lunch at Bazxar ended with a bit of molecular gastronomy theatrics. Watch the video to see it for yourself.


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