The Old Charm Of Georgia

The Old Charm Of Georgia

Georgia has quickly become one of the most popular destinations amongst residents of the UAE for a long weekend getaway as it’s a mere 3.5 hours flight. Fun facts about Georgia: 1. Sun sets at around 8pm in April so you have ample time for sightseeing. 2. It’s the same time zone as UAE so no chance of jet lag. 3. UAE residents don’t need a pre-applied visa. If you’re in Georgia this weekend, I’d have to say the old churches are not to be missed.


First order of business: authentic Georgian cuisine from Cafe Kala, one of the oldest restaurants in Tbilisi serving a decadent fusion of European and Mediterranean flavors.

A scenic ride to the top in the aerial tram guarantees a spectacular view of Tbilisi, peppered with colonial style houses, Romanesque towering churches, and postmodern structures amidst the old cityscape.

Parrots are so last season, who needs that when you’ve got a peacock! A word of advice, ensure you’ve got thick sleeves when you let this beautiful creature perch upon your shoulder because he kneads his claws into your skin pretty deep. On another note, how steam punk inspired is this metal tree art installation?

You can’t leave Georgia without getting a taste of Churchkhela, which is a traditional candle-shaped candy made of nuts threaded into a string and dipped in thickened fruit juice then dried.

Meet me at the Bridge of Peace. Amidst the wealth of history that surrounds Tbilisi, this magnificent modern structure is a futuristic vertex in the heart of the city. It is a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge of steel and glass illuminated with numerous LEDs over the Kura River in downtown Tbilisi.


Georgia is a historical elysium with gargantuan cathedrals and expansive fortresses that you will never tire to explore.

Many a time I found myself contrasting with the primeval brick and tattered landscape at the Ananuri Fortress.

Trying to be brave I rode my High Horse (pun intended) at the Ananuri Castle. I may have looked calm, but deep inside my heart was beating like a big bass drum, because had the horse not been skilfully trained, in one fell swoop we would’ve accidentally fallen straight off the cliff and succumbed to gravity!


Have you ever seen a twisted bridge bearing a semblance to a rollercoaster loop? Well Crowne Plaza Borjomi has one such iconic structure that you surely can’t miss!

A beautiful morning at Borjomi Central Park suspended beneath the Tiffany colored arches.