The French Charm Of Le Tanneur | The Look Bureau x Avellano Boutique

The French Charm Of Le Tanneur | The Look Bureau x Avellano Boutique

In Dubai, where luxury is a lifestyle, and designer brands are the ultimate status symbols, often times it is not the decadently rich who covet these luxuries. It is the men and women of the new millennium who spend their hard-earned money on quality as a symbol of the fruits of their labor.

The French have given us Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Versace, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent, but 115 years ago, the French had also birthed the heritage designer brand, Le Tanneur, which had almost remained a secret to the Middle East region until now. Avellano Boutique has taken the luxury brand across the border to find a new home in the closets of customers in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.  


If you are looking for leather goods with genuine French quality that you can see and touch, luxurious but without the exorbitant price of its French counterparts, Le Tanneur fits the bill just right. The former French lady Valerie Trierweiler, certainly thought so, as she had brought the Le Tanneur ‘Nina’ handbag with her on a state visit to the US and gave First Lady Michelle Obama the Le Tanneur ‘Cabas Vicky’ handbag as a gift. 

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the ‘Nina’ Messenger Handbag, which I so absolutely adore, and the pop of pink sure does my wardrobe a lot of favors! With a structured, classic shape, it is a handbag for all seasons and for all ages. Whether you’re going for a business meeting or a business lunch, the Nina handbag is the chic arm candy you need, made of Saffiano cowhide leather with multiple pockets that help you organize your belongings. It also has an extra strap so you can wear it comfortably around your shoulders when you wish to keep your hands free. 

For my days off, whether it’s the weekend, a cross-country getaway or a great escape to a faraway land, I like to keep it light, so a small body bag is my best friend on the go. And this is where the ‘Le Sans Couture’ clutch comes in handy. Little bags, hold little secrets. And what’s the secret of this beautiful leather clutch? It is made from a single piece of leather precisely crafted into a seamless pouch that won’t break at the seams. Luxurious soft leather without stitches, a signature innovative technique adopted by Le Tanneur is what makes the ‘Le Sans Couture’ range so unique. It also comes in solid and color-block combinations so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!








I know most of you wouldn’t think twice about purchasing a Michael Kors or Coach handbag, I may be guilty of that myself, but from one bag lover to another, Le Tanneur is worth every penny. And with Christmas just around the corner, I do recommend putting Avellano Boutique on the top of your list of shops to purchase from. They offer delivery across the Middle East and free gift wrapping, what’s more, you get 10% off with the code THELOOK10 when you buy online.

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