When Home Is Arabic At Manzil Downtown Dubai

When Home Is Arabic At Manzil Downtown Dubai

Everywhere I go in this beautiful city, I am always amazed at how much more there is to see and experience even though I’ve lived here all my life. Though Dubai is just a little dot on the map of the Middle East, nowhere as vast as the countries across the borders of the UAE, there is a reason why people from all over the world flock to Dubai, the city I call home. It is a place with an Arabic soul, a heart that beats for all, and arms that embrace the world. Follow me to Manzil Downtown Dubai where traditional Arabic hospitality blossoms in the heart of modern Dubai.

Upon stepping foot into Manzil Downtown Dubai I was completely taken by the clean and contemporary interior design fused with traditional Arabesque finesse. The boutique hotel was certainly a sight for my wandering eyes, with it’s high ceilings creating a grand gesture to welcome you as you enter, and all the drama and details from floor to ceiling, which was such a delight! The most impressive was the light fixture at the lobby by the entrance, which to me appeared such like a chandelier of parallel shooting stars, which immediately captured my gaze in all its splendor.








When we checked into our room, we were pleasantly surprised by sweet macaroons waiting for us and a mysterious chest that contained a pretty pink mini shisha, with compliments from Manzil Downtown Dubai. How cute! Did you know? The Courtyard at Manzil Downtown Dubai comes alive after sundown with patrons rendezvousing to this hotspot for shisha and food serenaded by ambient Arabic lounge music.

But first, before we explore the rest of the property, I must rave about the view from our room: an unobstructed vision of the iconic Burj Khalifa. I wish I could take it home! Though the distinctively Arabian architecture, pointed arches, and sandpaper walls were just a few of many features that made this hotel a charming home for the weekend.











With the weather in Dubai at a sweltering high, we decided to wait till right before sunset to take a dip in the pool, but to our disappointment it closes early at 7pm so I only managed to literally dip my feet into the water!




Naeiman: an after shower greeting. Whatever you desire, whether it’s a quick shower before dinner time or a nice long bubble bath to wind down for afternoon siesta, do it at your own leisure at Manzil Downtown. There were no doors, just pure natural light sweeping through the open spaces in the immaculate rooms. We had a pleasant night’s sleep, though the pillows were a tad bit too soft for our liking. But these are little things, compared to the luxuries of our stay.




We were very well taken care of from the first hello to the last goodbye. Nothing compares to a mother’s TLC, but the hospitality of the staff at Manzil Downtown Dubai came very close.




Ma’salam, until we meet again Manzil Downtown Dubai! Thank you for showering us with kindness and sending us off with a fuzzy blanket of memories. Watch this space for the review of The Boulevard Kitchen and Nezesaussi Grill at Manzil Downtown Dubai up next.