Dermalogica: Goodbye Sensitive Skin Woes

Dermalogica: Goodbye Sensitive Skin Woes

Skin sensitivity has always been my major concern for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried countless of skincare products, and probably spent a fortune on moisturizers, toners, sunblocks and cleansers that aggravated my skin even more.

Brands that I have tested and have failed are Olay, Clean & Clear, Loreal (although I can’t complain about their make-up which has been quite compatible with my skin), Vichy, Ponds, Witch Hazel, Neutrogena and Nivea. The effects on my skin have been itchiness, redness, excessive oiliness or dryness that results in peeling, and what I hate the most: pimple breakouts.

Now, after years of continuous disappointment, thanks to some sound advice from Anna De Leon, official Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist for my upcoming wedding, I’ve been introduced to Dermalogica. And to my delight, Anna has granted me a Bridal Package from Dermalogica, that promises glowing skin for my wedding day!

Since Dermalogica came highly recommended, I made an appointment for a free consultation at Dermalogica on burj in The Dubai Mall. It started with a face mapping skin analysis, whereby a Dermalogica skin specialist puts your face under a bright light and magnification to identify the condition of specific zones on your skin. The findings were that I had highly sensitized and dehydrated skin, and a mix of dry and oily patches on my face.

I blame the dehydration solely on the weather, as sun and heat have always been my worst enemies. Just 10 minutes out in the summer sun my skin starts to itch and signs of irritation appear in the form of red spots all over my face, which is why I have often been advised to keep away from the sun, but how is that possible in this part of the world!

After the skin analysis I was prescribed skincare products from the UltraCalming range and a non-sticky sunblock with high SPF content that doubles as a moisturizer, specially suited to my skin type. Being a skeptic on new skincare products, given my past experiences, I did have my doubts, so I bought just the basics (4 out of 6 that had been suggested to me) for a trial run.

I was told that for my super sensitive skin type I should only use products that are water (aqua) based without any fragrance, and to avoid exfoliating on a regular basis, keeping it to a minimum of twice a week. I was also advised to keep my skin hydrated which meant drinking lots of water, especially during this hot season.

It did not work like magic though, because at the same time I started using Dermalogica products, I also started swimming every alternate day, and I got quite a scare when my skin became extremely dry to the point that some areas started bleeding slightly because my skin was peeling at such a rapid rate. At first I thought ‘Oh no!’ another failed attempt. But then I also noticed the same peeling effect on my scalp, where I don’t use any of the products.

So it all came down to the chlorine, the sun rays since it’s an open pool and the hot water (my skin even gets irritated by a hot shower, which you really cannot help during this time of the year since there is never any cold water that comes out of the taps). So it wasn’t the skincare products afterall!

I remember going through this ordeal this during swim class back in college, but it did not reach the extent as it did this time around. I found out just recently that Vaseline does the trick. It relieves dryness and soothens the skin if applied generously over the affected areas and rinsed off after about 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how sun-dried your skin is. I’ve decided to stop swimming (at least until the weather gets better), and my skin has now slowly started to heal.


Left to Right:

UltraCalming™ Cleanser –  An extremely gentle gel/cream that cleanses while calming sensitivity.

UltraCalming™ Mist – A soothing, hydrating mist that quickly relieves sensitivity while helping to calm redness, stinging and aggravated skin. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

UltraCalming™ Serum Concentrate – The antidote for skin sensitivity: a super-concentrated serum that helps calm, restore and defend sensitized skin. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF30 – A chemical-free sunscreen and skin treatment designed for skin commonly irritated by sun protection ingredients. Lavender, Green Tea and Licorice soothe irritation while mineral UV-blockers Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide invisible defense against the sun’s rays. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

No matter what type of skin you have, Dermalogica has a product that’s right for you. Visit your nearest Dermalogica and get a free consultation today! For more information and to purchase products online just log on to


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  • Riya Shankar
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    great blog! skin care products will be much more effective if applied with skin medical treatments. i know there are services offered in Marina Medical Centre. their services are sometimes in promos but the result is really great

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