A Gastronomical Journey At Tresind

A Gastronomical Journey At Tresind

Step into a Pandora’s box of culinary delights, with gastronomical theatrics that will keep you entertained and fusion Indian cuisine that will leave your cravings satisfied. Molecular gastronomy is a culinary technique that combines physics and chemistry to transform the taste and texture of food resulting in new and innovative dining experiences. For a dining experience that exceeds your expectations, Trensind at the Nassima Royal Hotel aims to please!


To start off the night, our warm welcome literally went up in smoke, and it was a sight that could only be truly appreciated when it happens right before your very eyes. I captured a short video on my phone to get a little closer to documenting the real thing.

The five-course meal started with a small crate of appetizers, from an assortment of dates, fruit infused with cream, stuffed breaded chillies aubergine salad, and tiny bottles of saffron milk. Then followed by a scintillating mocktail, that starts with a tall glass jar of dry ice, then a concoction of passion fruit with colorful bubbles poured in zealously, creating an effervescent show for the table. From the first drop to the last sip, this invigorating mocktail with its ingenious presentation reminiscent of the 80s lava lamp, was a sure crowd pleaser.







As is the artistry of Indian cuisine, the fusion of spice, crunch and zest, the deconstructed pani puri, a modernist take on a favorite Indian street snack, bursts in your mouth unleashing its succulent flavors and delivers a gush of mouth-watering goodness. And that was only the beginning. Dish after dish came pouring in, consisting of the Modernist Chaat Trolley, Braised Lambchops, and Lamb Nihari, to name a few.




The art of fine dining is all in the presentation. This aesthetically palatable dish is a traditional Goan delicacy called Fish Rechad. Cooked to perfection, the deliciously tender fish fillet topped with spicy rechad masala complemented by crisp garlic sautéed vegetables on the side, is a marriage made in heaven!

Then Chef told us an interesting nostalgic tale of his childhood in India, where bakeries were often scarce as sweets were more prevalent than pastries, and if there were cakes served it would always be the infamous Black Forest. Kind of reminds me of my own memories growing up in Dubai! This deconstructed Black Forest dessert just pumped up the volume on the common pastry with dehydrated whip cream that added a delectable crunch, blending harmoniously with the dreamy sponge cake, chocolate flakes, caramel syrup, and red currents that gave it just the right balance of sweet and sour.



Paan is an Indian mouth freshener made of betel leaves and various fillings that is usually consumed after a heavy meal to help digestion. At the end of our hearty feast, Tresind had another surprise up its sleeve, serving up candy floss paan on a crafty and playful floral arrangement. Who doesn’t love cotton candy?!



If you’re on the look-out for more quirky and unique dining experiences, Tresind presents Carnival, a new concept restaurant opening soon in DIFC.




Tresind, Nassima Royal Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Email: tresind@passionfandb.com
Tel: 04 308 0440, 0564209754

Photography and video by Sheldon Rodriguez.