From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love

Whenever we travel we try to make it a point to relax on the first day that we check-in because being in the confines of an airplane cabin for over 5 hours, regardless how comfortable it may be, can really take a toll on you. So the first order of business in Moscow was a late lunch with a view, from our room in Palmira Business Club overlooking the Mosva River. Did I mention it was only 23 degrees celsius? I’m definitely glad we’d escaped from the desert heat for a few days!

How does a city inspire us? The places we discover off the beaten path. The pulse of the streets, the people, the nature, the beats. Where deep rooted history and architectural signature is juxtaposed with urban lifestyle and contemporary rhythm. This is Moscow.


Of all the places that I’ve been, and the architecture that I’ve seen, none can compare thus far to the vibrancy and living color that left me awestruck at its very sight in Moscow. The intricacies in the molding, carving and painting are tell-tale signs of the creativity and diligence running through the veins of the Russian people.

The Red Square

The Red Square is a cluster of grand cathedrals, Saint Basil and Kazan to name a couple, great palaces and one such high-end shopping centre named G.U.M. From architecture to landscaping, you are surrounded by vibrant splashes of colors!


Aside from the historical prime spots and flamboyant architectural sights, Moscow also boasts of an urban neighborhood called Flacon, which is a showcase of modern installations and hip wall art, much like Dubai’s City Walk and Box Park all rolled into one.


Moscow Metro

Take me to church. Or rather, the Moscow Metro. Now over 80 years old, the Moscow Metro is a coveted cultural landmark, its architecture and decor meant to be a showcase for Soviet artists, ideals, and icons who dreamed up masterpieces in the stations decades ago. You’d be amazed to walk into palatial vestibules adorned with stained glass, historical monuments, hand-painted wall carvings, artistic murals, marble and grand chandeliers.

Walking into the Moscow Metro is akin to stepping into an Art Museum. Each station has its own unique characteristic, from historically ornate, to modern contemporary, and even a nod to futuristic. With over 200 stations, we only happened to set our sights on a select few.

Moskva River

Over high seas and treacherous storms, I came, I saw and sat a while. Meet Peter The Great, the eighth tallest statue in the world towering above the Moskva River, built to commemorate the Russian navy.


Moscow is one big city dotted with cathedrals, mosques, residential and commercial establishments, but amidst the metropolis are open parks for the nature lover or anyone just seeking tranquility and fresh air. Stop and smell the flowers, walk barefoot on the grass, trek through the forestry and watch the birds flying overhead…or sunbathe in your swimsuit (yes, apparently it’s a thing here).