Diet Has Never Been So Enticing

I’ve never been a fan of anything that was labeled diet or light when it came to soft drinks, milk, or decaf lattes, but with the exception of frozen yogurt, which considering how much I eat including toppings, could probably dip it’s toe into the non-diet pool.

My fiance told me a few days ago that when he had lost weight a few years ago (that was before I started making him healthy again ;)) he drank Diet Coke regularly. Of course it didn’t work like magic, he also had to undergo rigorous workout sessions and maintain a daily meal of just tuna. But drinking Diet Coke supposedly gives you a similar sense of satisfaction as would guzzling down a bottle of regular Coke but without the guilt and added sugar.

I frowned upon the idea of substituting a diluted version of Coke for the original, until I stumbled upon this online that certainly did not lack luster, and I dare say I would drink three of these in one go, and keep the designer bottles in my living room showcase!

In a collaboration with Coca-Cola, Karl Lagerfeld, the Creative Genius behind Chanel, carrying on Coco Chanel’s legacy, designed a Limited Edition line for Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Light (as labeled in other countries) that was excusively sold in select countries across Europe in June 2011 – a Karl Lagerfeld piece we could all afford! Sadly, it did not reach us folks down here in the Middle East, as I’m sure there would’ve been a mad fanfare had it been released in this region.

Karl Lagerfeld swears by Diet Coke, and I quote:

“As everybody knows, I drink Diet Coke and nothing else, night and day.’

He allegedly lost about 90 pounds in 2001 after going on a diet regimen of Diet Coke and steamed vegetables, which may appear rather unhealthy but surprisingly showed results. And because of his weight loss success story, he even wrote a book called The Karl Lagerfeld Diet.

The pink and white Limited Edition Diet Coke bottle designs are super fun and girly, decorated with stars and stripes, and Karl Lagerfeld’s trademark silhouette. It also comes in a neat Collector’s Box.

The ad campaign features three diverse beauties that represent each bottle: Coco Rocha, Jeneil Williams and Heidi Mount.

Here’s a look Behind the Scenes of the ad campaign shoot where Karl Lagerfeld talks about the concept behind it and his unwavering loyalty to Diet Coke.