Crown Your Locks

Unlike the disciplined women I know who religiously wake up much earlier than I do every morning just to have time to style their hair before they leave for work, I honestly do not have the patience or the willingness to sacrifice one hour less of sleep. Since I have naturally straight hair, with 6 strokes of the brush I’m ready to go, and it stays in place till I arrive back home in the evening. But since it’s the weekend and I have bought a few hair accessories for the summer that have sat in my drawer for a month, I thought why not try them out? It would be a shame to put them to waste. Although I hadn’t styled my hair with any particular concept in mind, as I looked at the pictures of the looks I had played around with, I realized there was an inspiration for each of them.



The simplest of the four styles was that inspired by the beach in summer. I had picked a fuchsia pink flower, parted my hair off to one side, and tucked the strands of hair of the smaller parting behind my ear, and placed the accessory right above it.



A Flamenco dancer’s attire isn’t complete without a large flower in her hair. The accessory I picked for this style was a large pastel orange velvet rose. With my hair parted to one side I made a low ponytail and twisted the loose strands to form a bun, then I placed the rose to one side of the bun behind my ear.



Inspired by the headdress of desert nomads, I picked a long cotton scarf about 4-5 inches wide to wear around my head. I started off by making a sideways fringe that would peep out from under the scarf and a low ponytail to one side, after which I placed the mid-area of the scarf over my head and tied it in a knot under the ponytail. With the two loose ends of the scarf I created a rope-like effect by braiding them together, then I twisted it around my ponytail and tucked it in to stay in place.

To the right:

GIORGIO ARMANI – Spring/Summer 2011



In the tradition of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, the headband is an accessory that can be used for any occasion and any time of day be it simple in a solid color or embellished with flowers, bows or lace. For this headband look I decided to balance its simplicity with a messy hair updo. I made a very low ponytail half-way down the length of my hair and with the elastic band as support, I gave my hair a lift pushing it to the mid-section of the back of my head so that my hair would bunch up creating volume. I then pinned my hair with a few bobby pins so as not to risk it cascading down and topped it off with the silver headband.

To be honest, this final hairdo only lasted as long as it took to get a good picture on my webcam. Because my hair is too straight, slippery and thick, I’ve always had to put extra effort into styling it, along with excessive hairspray and mousse. Hence, the once in a blue moon occurrence.


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