Come Close To Nature With Himalaya Herbals

Come Close To Nature With Himalaya Herbals

Whether you’re a mom who goes to the office 8 hours a day then home for the rest of 16, or a mom who stays at home 24/7, you always gotta ‘work work work work work’. There’s little opportunity for some ‘me’ time to go out and smell the roses. Sure, some of us are fortunate to have help in the house, but just because you have a second pair of hands, it doesn’t mean that you’re home free. You still need to spend quality time with your little one, cook up a hearty meal for the family, and run errands.

Sometimes beauty and leisure no longer becomes a priority after you have kids, but you must sneak in an hour or even a day to be the one who gets pampered for a change. Every mom deserves some time off to clear your mind, rejuvenate and remind yourself that you have a life too, outside of the responsibilities towards your family and your work. Even something as simple as a warm bubble bath, followed by a soothing at-home beauty treatment with the Himalaya Herbals skincare range. Just like Mother Nature needs some TLC, so do you!

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Photographed by Faith Rodriguez.

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