The ‘Best Of The Brits’ Urban Picnic  at 3in1 Vida Downtown

The ‘Best Of The Brits’ Urban Picnic at 3in1 Vida Downtown

It’s market day every Friday at 3in1 in Vida Downtown. Grab your picnic basket and fill it up with fresh fruits and veggies, cold cuts and sweet bakes, pickles and drinks, and all other kinds of good stuff!

I spent the afternoon indulging in the Urban Picnic Brunch which was uniquely themed around British classics served at stations that are labeled akin to the London Underground. They prepared the food, I came as the picnic blanket!

Then I loaded up so much on the buffet that I hardly had any room left for the main course when it was hauled to our table. Probably in part because I ate dessert first.

I consider myself lucky to live in a city where choices of cuisines are abundant and you can whisk your tastebuds from America to Asia to Europe and to the U.K. Such like the Urban Picnic Brunch offering the ‘Best of the Brits’ brought to your table on an almost 3-feet long wooden platter.

This spread which could almost feed an army consisted of fragrant rosemary chicken, leg of lamb, roasted ribeye and fish and chips. And if that wasn’t enough, you could always go back to the picnic buffet of pastries, salads, appetizers and desserts which was all laid out for the taking!