Zen. Luxury. Bliss. The B/Attitude Spa at Grosvenor House.

Zen. Luxury. Bliss. The B/Attitude Spa at Grosvenor House.

Holidays are great, but unlike regular days, we don’t spend them out and about in the sun sightseeing and searching for instagrammable spots to photograph. On our recent trip to India, with temperatures at highs of 49 °C, I came back to Dubai considerably sun burnt and had to deal with the aftermath of peeling sensitized skin for the following two weeks. We had been warned that it wasn’t the best time to visit the desert state of Rajasthan, but we decided to go anyway as off-peak season meant less tourists.

So last weekend, I made a booking at the luxurious B/Attitude Spa at The Grosvenor House for a Royal Hammam treatment. I stepped into a contemporary Oriential sanctuary, and left my worries outside the door.

The Royal Hammam treatment is a bathing ritual from head to toe, that takes place in a temperature controlled room with a heated marble slab where you lay. My therapist used the Charme D’ Orient beauty product line originating from Paris, infused with ingredients from countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Syria, for the treatment.

The first step involves black soap rubbed all over the skin followed by a couple minutes in the steam room. Steam helps to unclog pores and detoxifies the skin. The black soap is a vegetable paste made with olive oil that is rich in Vitamin E with a touch of eucalyptus essential oil. This helps to prepare the skin for exfoliation.

Post rinsing, what follows is a meticulous scrub down with a granular fabric glove alleviating your skin of dead skin cells. Then after a good rinse, a ghassoul mask is liberally spread across the body and left to dry for 5 minutes. During this time, my hair was lavishly washed along with a rejuvenating head massage. Once the mask sets, another rinse, and fragrant water with argan oil is poured over, locking in moisture and leaving your skin soft and supple. Finally, after towel drying, a generous amount of Elmis body lotion.

Aside from an extensive menu of massages and facials, the B/Attitude Spa at the Grosvenor House, a fully suited spa and fitness center with five Hammam pools at varying temperatures, blanketed in dim warm light that set the mood for relaxation, was an aesthetic gem with exquisite interior detail that made it a perfect peaceful retreat.