The Art Of Fusion At Mori Sushi

The Art Of Fusion At Mori Sushi

I love Japanese cuisine, although I do shy away from sashimi as I cannot stomach raw fish and meat, so I usually stick to sushi that consists of tempura or smoked seafood. Leafing through the Mori Sushi menu is like walking through a wonderland of fusion sushi that seem to jump off the pages saying “Eat me”, and so I did! Fun fact: Mori Sushi originated from Brazil, gained popularity in Egypt and now resides in Dubai, so you’ll find a twist in every dish that you won’t find at a typical Japanese restaurant.




With an inviting selection of mocktails, and about 10 minutes trying to decide which one, I opted for an elixir of lychee, lemon and fresh mint. Did I mention it was 48 degrees that day? So I guzzled it down like a camel at a desert oasis!

For starters we had the Bonbon, tiny bags of baby shrimp, red cheddar and mozzarella cheese, served with sweet chilly sauce; the Chicken Gyoza, dumplings filled with minced meat with spicy lemon garlic and soy Yuzu sauce on the side; and the Smoked Salmon Teriyaki with avocado and sesame sauce which was literally smoking when brought to our table.




Up next was the Beef Foie Gras. I like my beef brown on the outside and blushing pink on the inside. That’s the only way to enjoy it! The succulent beef foie gras drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce was the highlight of the evening. I’m definitely coming back for this one! After intermission (which means we took a shot breather), the second course was served.

Picking out sushi from the menu was like picking candy from a candy bar, we chose one of each for the tasting and a portion of some that came at a minimum of four pieces. The Gunkan Spicy Salmon laced in avocado and crowned with crispy breadcrumbs was as pleasing to the eye as it was to the taste, and so too the crispy shrimp and avocado roll sprinkled with teriyaki sauce, because a classic will always be a favorite.







The night ended with the sweet goodness of banana croquettes and the rich Date Tart, both served with cool vanilla ice cream. One bite and you’re hooked. We enjoyed the food so much that we had to get some for takeout!