All Grown Up!

I remember back in the day when kids clothes really looked like clothes that only kids could pull off. Today, more and more of kids fashion consist of miniature pieces of their adult counterparts.

As a child, I loved to wear my mom’s high-heeled shoes, and rouge my lips and cheeks with her red lipstick, in an effort to look like a grown-up. But taking a look at the new generation, styles have become visually more mature, with five-year-olds in tailored jackets, and eleven-year-olds in 5-inch platform wedges!

Trends in Childrenswear are smarter, sophisticated and have also adopted vintage styles that are far beyond the years of those meant to wear them, such like the inspiration in this pretty Monsoon Kids Autumn 2011 campaign.

And now this has got me dreaming about the day I’ll be dressing up my future baby girl like a sweet little lady!

* * *

Because I’m so petite, I sometimes come across good pieces under the pre-teen to teen categories of ages 10 to 15 that fit me, provided that they have enough room for my hips and chest. And these garments and accessories don’t appear any different than what I could’ve picked out from the Womenswear department!

Dior Winter 2011

Burberry Children Autumn/Winter 2011

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2012