Traveling to Malaysia? Here’s Your Bucket List!

Traveling to Malaysia? Here’s Your Bucket List!

Have you already decided on Malaysia as your next holiday destination? Or are still trying to decide as to what tropical island you’d like to whisk yourself away to this upcoming Eid Al Ahda break? Well, let me help you make your mind up with enticing sights to check off your bucket list in Malaysia.

Malaysia thrills me with her diversity. My last vacation to this beautiful country left me wanting more of its tranquil beaches and transcendent landscapes. We had planned a trip for approximately two weeks, which was longer than we would normally go on holiday abroad, but we were glad we did, as it was well worth it because of the countless things to see and do in Malaysia.

We booked our flights with Malaysia Airlines, having heard good things about the quality of their service. Landing at Kuala Lumpur, the exhaustion of our seven-hour long flight was completely washed off by the warm and fresh ambiance of the colourful and friendly city. Often referred to as a true representation of the Asian diversity, you can find a host of things to do here. But if you are visiting Malaysia, make sure that these are on the top four of your list!

Firstly, don’t forget to experience the Malaysian heritage and history at Melaka. The Jonker Walk Night Market is a carnival in itself with some of the best street food in the world and a plethora of artefacts to shop from. Don’t forget to drop in for a visit to the Christ Church, the oldest Protestant church in the country and a vision with its peaceful white and coral architecture. You might also want to go for a Melaka river cruise to take you through the life and times of the city’s history.

Cameron Highlands
Next, get closer to nature at the Cameron Highlands with its lush green foliage and enchanting forest. We got a taste of the local life at a bee farm – one of our coolest adventures in my book! Though a little wary initially of being stung, we visited at least three farms and were intrigued by the rearing and the honey-making process. The golden, thick and pure honey being extracted from the hives is a true visual treat.

Perhentian Islands
If pearl beaches are your thing, your next stop should be Perhentian Islands with some of the whitest beaches in the world. I was enamoured by this place with just a few photographs on the internet, but unless you see it with your own eyes, you cannot comprehend the beauty of this locale. I still remember having seen some of the clearest waters and experiencing romantic moonlit walks on the beach at this sandy haven.

Kinabalu National Park
After a dose of tranquillity at Perhentian, go for a wild ride at the Kinabalu National Park. One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, you can actually go for hikes at this spectacular reserve. Don’t miss out on catching a bird’s eye view of the coastline from one of the hilltops. If you have vertigo, this synesthetic visual treat will make you feel on top of the world for sure. Kinabalu is home to a range of species and it is thrilling to catch sight of the fauna on a safari.

Have I piqued your interest yet? Is Malaysia tempting you? Then kick those procrastinations out of the door and start packing your bags. From the charming pearl beaches to the mind-blowing skylines, Malaysia is home to your real Asian story – a story you would not want to miss!