The Convertible Dress

There are those who usually have to pick one when presented with two items at the store that are similar before they hit the cashier’s station. I on the other hand do not mind buying two pairs of shoes in different colors if I like them both or two articles of clothing such as a skirt and a dress that have the same printed pattern on them if they are both equally cute. If you’ve already spent too much time trying to make up your mind, get both!

This is why I love the concept of the convertible dress. However, I’m not referring to the common concept of the convertible dress where you can change it up by wrapping the dress around you in several ways to create a different look or playing with the straps like the convertible bra. I’m talking about a dress that you can detach into two pieces and wear independently from one another. Now that’s a ‘buy two for one‘ deal that’d be totally hot to grab!

While surfing the Internet for bright-colored dresses with patterns (feeling in the mood for welcoming summer) I happened upon this convertible dress from the Jessica Simpson Collection. It is a floral print mandarin red frock with a black belt that is slimming on the waist, and the skirt can be detached and paired with a top of your choice. I knew that Jessica Simpson had started her own line last year, but I had not been the least bit inquisitive about it, as I had observed her fashion sense from the pages of celebrity gossip magazines through the years and I was no fan.

When I saw this dress and the rest of her collection on the website my view on her sense of fashion did a half 180 degrees (she still has her off moments, but perhaps she’s better at dressing others than she is dressing herself). Her dresses were femininely simplistic and demure with a mix of plains and prints, accents of rosette and ruffles, and lots of frocks. Aside from the standard range of apparel, her collection also includes handbags, eyewear, footwear, accessories, luggage and her fragrance.

JESSICA SIMPSON – Poppy Convertible Dress


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