Say It With Pink

I love pink. I think that’s pretty much obvious. But for the longest time my favorite color had just been 

Dots The Way I Like It

I’ve been quite obsessed with polka dots lately and every time I see pretty polka dots I start singing in 

Striped Search

Spring is upon us. Let the sun shine, but let’s hope that the cool breeze stays with us for a 

A Minty Taste

Pastels all around. A clear indication that Spring is here. Though in this part of the world we don’t really 

My Lady Zoot Suit

My Lady Zoot Suit. Button-up for work and button-down for a rendezvous after hours. Jazz up a normally boring corporate 

50s Revival

While I was packing for my Europe trip last month I decided to play dress-up. If I had been vacationing