I’ll Let You In On A Little Secret. It’s Bio-Oil.

I’ll Let You In On A Little Secret. It’s Bio-Oil.

One of the things you don’t really look forward to as a first time mom are those dreaded stretch marks that are bound to creepy crawl across your belly as your baby starts to grow. You think to yourself, “I will never be the same again.” And really, you won’t. Even if you do eventually lose all your pregnancy weight and stretch marks, however long it takes, you will never be the same again. Because bearing a child will change you physically, emotionally and spiritually. And there’s no turning back. There’s only looking forward to the joys of motherhood.

So, now back to the topic of stretch marks. Soon after I officially announced my pregnancy, many women had recommended to start using stretch mark creams and lotions particularly with shea butter, along with the disclaimer that it may not prevent stretch marks altogether but may reduce the appearance of them. Though no one had ever told me about Bio-Oil until I got a complimentary package at my doorstep one day.


There are a lot of stories about stretch marks. Some assume it can be genetic, which means if your mother had little to none or plenty then you will most probably have the same. Others says that if you have a big baby, the bigger the belly grows, the more your skin stretches to accommodate your bun in the oven. Some advocate that applying stretch mark creams as early as when your baby bump starts to show will almost eliminate them.

But ladies, we must know that all women are different. Each one of us has a unique biological make and model, no two alike, even with identical twins. So what might be the case for one person, might not be the case for another. I started using Bio-Oil when I was 7 months pregnant. Prior to that I had not used any special creams on my belly. I guess I was too tired being pregnant during summer or too busy with work and moving into a new home that I didn’t have the time or the mind to add anything new to my usual beauty regimen.


As your skin stretches it’s important to moisturize the skin on your belly as it gets really dry and itchy, and scratching it will worsen the appearance of stretch marks. Bio-Oil kept my skin hydrated so that meant no dryness, no itchiness. Even though Bio-Oil is an oil which is naturally oily (excuse the redundancy) when you apply, it quickly gets absorbed by the skin as you massage it on so does not leave behind a sticky residue. And on the plus side, Bio-Oil also has a pleasant scent.

I did get stretch marks though, probably because I had a bigger baby than expected. The doctor who had done my 4D scan at 11 weeks had advised me that due to my petite frame I should not expect a big baby, relative to a woman with a taller stature, especially for my first. Asian babies also have smaller babies compared to Western counterparts. Moms I knew with a similar body type had told me that their babies, even their second one, were less than 3 kgs, but surprise, surprise my baby came out well over 3.1 kgs. So I eventually had to have a C-section because my pelvic bone was too narrow to deliver my baby naturally.

I started using Bio-Oil two weeks after I came home from the hospital, though not religiously, as life with a newborn has been quite an experience that there are days I even forget to shower. My stretch marks have not disappeared but are lighter now, and it keeps my skin moisturized.

Remember, if a remedy works for you, that’s perfect! But if it doesn’t, it isn’t the end of the world. Once you become a mom getting rid of stretch marks will be the last thing on your mind amidst the dirty nappies, the sleep time rituals, the amusing conversations with your little one where you make up almost every single word, the smiles and giggles that just make you tear up with overwhelming happiness.

Precious Lara Quigaman, Philippine actress and winner of Miss international 2005, is a fan of Bio-Oil and has endorsed the brand in this video.

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