Breakfast And Brunch At The Boulevard Kitchen

Breakfast And Brunch At The Boulevard Kitchen

Feast your eyes on the Levant Brunch offering a wide selection of cold and hot mezzes, authentic Mediterranean dishes as the name suggests, and traditional beverages for the taking at the Boulevard Kitchen in Manzil Downtown. Boulevard Kitchen is open daily for breakfast from 6:30am to 11am and the Friday Levant Brunch is served from 1pm until 4pm.

The intricacies of the restaurant’s interior is so refined, from the Arabic wall trimmings, to the tasteful leather chairs, and the sleek wood paneled floors. This is by far my favorite spot in the entire hotel. Down to the last detail, even the glasses mimic the geometric Arabic artistry lining the walls of The Boulevard Kitchen.

What I loved most, aside from the beautiful ambiance that I can rave on and on about are the grilled jumbo prawns, tangy chicken wings, and lamb kabsa, which are on the top of my list of things you must try at The Boulevard Kitchen Levant Brunch. And when you’re there you must try the Bedouin iced tea, a refreshing concoction of chilled tea and mint thoughtfully presented in a miniature Arabic tea pot.

I have a weakness for pastries and the desserts at the Levant Brunch were definitely a mouth-wathering display of sweetness after my own desires. The danish was the best I’ve tasted in a long time, each delicate layer coated with custard cream, topped with fresh fruit and sweet icing sugar like fairy dust. It was soft, flaky and crumbled with every bite.

And if you’re staying the night at Manzil Downtown or even if you’re looking to have a nice breakfast on the town on a weekend, the best way to start your morning is a break-feast at The Boulevard Kitchen, where the eggs are made to order, the pastries are fluffy and sweet, the sausages are savory and the juices are freshly squeezed.



















The Boulevard Kitchen
Manzil Downtown
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Dubai, UAE
Phone: 04 428 5888