Stripes In Summer | The Look Bureau x Shein

Stripes In Summer | The Look Bureau x Shein

Follow me to the shore, let your hair down, feel the sand beneath your feet. Frolic in the water, laugh into the wind, and when you’re done, repeat. Sending positive vibes and summer style inspiration your way with Shein, and lately I’ve been willfully attracted to stripes.

Who else is lusting over sunsets? The moment when earth’s yellow star dips slowly into the horizon, behind a scatter of clouds, causing a silver glow to trickle out from between their wispy edges as the sun’s rays bleed into the sky painting it with dashes of pink and orange for its final encore. Pure bliss. And this little beach number from Shein blends perfectly with the dreamy sunset backdrop!

Move over cold shoulder, I’m loving the one-shoulder. 💕 How summer appropriate is this scallop tiered ruffle maxi dress from Shein in powder blue and white stripes. While most of us are still rocking the off-shoulder why not go for some asymmetry?

The year of the choker. It fizzled like a blast from the past into mainstream in 2016, then made an atomic bang in 2017. From velvet to lace, from metal to metallic, from pastel to neon, the choker has become a statement accessory catered to women from a variety of style genres, available at every high-street brand. My first love was of course lace, because you all know what a hopeful romantic I am, and this one feels very Victorian! 

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