The Aura Of Spring | The Look Bureau x Shein

The Aura Of Spring | The Look Bureau x Shein

I dub this look ‘The Oriential Express’. I notice that I’ve had a predisposition for the color red lately, and this Eastern inspired jacquard dress is no exception. Welcome summer with a vibrant selection of apparel from SHEIN.

The Asian Fusion trend is forecasted to take over Autumn 2017, but it doesn’t mean that the oriental color palette, patterns and prints aren’t trickling into Summer 2017 like watercolors on a canvas. Channeling my inner Lady in Red with SHEIN.

Cold season is officially over! Yes, even with the sudden influx of rain on an irregular basis, it’s still getting hot in here, so colors are getting brighter and hemlines are getting a tad bit shorter. What I’m seeing a lot of this season are chambray, and light hues of blue and white, such as this striped tier ruffle mini dress from SHEIN.

Add a pop of pink to elevate your look. And these laser cut beauties are the perfect match to my Spring fling with SHEIN. From girly pastels, to lightweight linen fabrics, to effortless chiffon, SHEIN has the new season covered!

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