Get On The Fast Track With Bionix 45 Minutes Slim Shot

Get On The Fast Track With Bionix 45 Minutes Slim Shot

If you’re someone who just can’t seem to get any gym-spiration. Who always talks the talk, but can’t get yourself to walk the walk. You’re not alone. There’s always an excuse isn’t there? And unless there’s a big goal at the end of the tunnel, like your upcoming nuptials, then losing the pouch isn’t really on the top of your to-do list. And since I’m already married and have a son who’s just two months shy from his second birthday, I plead guilty to the above.

So in a lazy mom’s attempt to find solutions to losing baby weight that’s highly concentrated in my tummy, I took the Bionix 45 Minutes Slim Shot, a non-surgical body shaping treatment for a test drive. If you’re looking for quick weight loss solutions, Bionix Body Designers uses advance aesthetic technologies, and promises no downtime, no pain, no prick, just immediate visible results.


Before you start the treatment, the doctor gives you a detailed run-through about what is involved in the 45 Minutes Slim Shot and then the nurse takes your measurements. Based on your body composition, the Slim Shot uses a combination of two to three technologies to achieve the desired results. On me they had opted for the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and the Multipolar Radio Frequency with Infrared.

HIFU : High Intensity Focused Ultrasound: The most advanced technology to rupture fat cells non-surgically. This technology, passes pulses of focused ultrasound that selectively only target fat cells and liquify the fat, which is drained out of your body naturally. It works great for belly fat, saddle bags and body contouring. etc.

Multipolar Radio Frequency: This technology is used in combination with fat busting technologies to tighten the sagging skin and also improving the metabolism. It provides deep tissue heat that contracts the tissue and tightens skin. Really effective in combination.

Prior to using the equipment, they draw a grid on the concerned area, this is to ensure that the treatment is carried out evenly, and then cover the area with gel. It’s quite cold, so be prepared! The HIFU does not hurt at all, but feels a little like tiny needles lightly prickling your skin, which is bearable. Because I’m literally ticklish every where, the Multipolar Radio Frequency made me giggle at first, and as they increased the intensity, it started feeling just like a vibration massager.

After the session I lost 2cm around my waist, 2cm around my tummy, and 1cm around my lower abdomen. In total they count it as 5cm, but technically, I shaved off 1.5cm on an average. They usually recommend 6 sessions if you just need to lose a bloated stomach, perfect for new moms, and up to 12 sessions if you’re overweight.

Aside from weight loss treatment Bionix offers facial, face lift, laser, hair loss treatment and liposuction. They also have a special slimming program to help moms get back in shape.

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