The Wedding Guest

I’ve never attended an Indian Wedding before, and that might seem strange for me to say since I’m technically married to an Indian, so let me rephrase that: I’ve never been to a traditional Indian wedding before where the dress code called for a sparkly elegant ensemble.

So in the glory of new experiences, especially since this would be the first wedding guest appearance ever for our little man (and what parent doesn’t love dressing their kid up in costume?), we decided to splurge on our Indian attires.

I was absolutely in love with the intricacies of Indian embroidery and the rich diversity of aesthetic styles that would make any woman spoiled for choice. So clearly I went a bit insane shopping for a dress that spoke to me, since I was surrounded by a flurry of loud whispers and could not make up my mind!

In the end I opted for a gold embroidered bright orange anarkali suit and topped off my ensemble with a rhinestone headpiece or tikka, with a complementing ring and sandals. My son was cuteness overload from head-to-toe (though he kicked off his shoes in the first ten minutes) in an embroidered gold and red kurta and my husband kept it simple sophisticated in a blue and black kurta.










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