I love websites just as much as I love fashion. I use my computer not just for blogging (and Facebook, Twitter, downloading episodes of America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl, etc.) but also for illustrating digital user experiences through high-fidelity wireframes.

Since college I had taught myself the basics of Photoshop reading Help manuals, online tutorials and watching designers fiddle with their keyboard and mouse (while asking questions). Recently, I have given myself a crash course on WordPress and gathered necessary know-how to tweak the HTML code behind the face of The Look Bureau (with patience, research and advice from a friend). But I don’t think I would venture into full-fledged geek-ism when it comes to my career.

Strangers would never guess that I’m a bit of a geek seeing that I’m a woman who hardly ever dresses down even to bed, wears 4-inch heels on a regular basis and blogs about handbags. I’ve often been asked if I work at ‘Emirates Airlines’ or if I’m a Sales Representative, and at times I’ve even got ‘Where do you go to school?’ which doesn’t apply as I’ve long since graduated from college.

It comes as quite a surprise when I say that I am an Information Architect by profession. Most people don’t understand that I design web user experience for a living, so to explain what it is I really do, I always use the analogy of constructing a building where before the build starts an architect draws out the plan and blueprints – this is what I do for websites.

But I suppose I would have to look like a geek in order to be considered one, like my fiance who is a web designer and certified geek (a bit more than I am). He actually wears optical lenses (as mine are fake), and in the spirit of ‘geek‘ style he wears sweater vests and waistcoats (but unlike me he doesn’t like to read). Though I may only be part techno geek, I am a full-bred geek for style, which brings me to the topic at hand.

When fashion and geeky-ness collide, it produces a quirky style that makes you look smart (even if you aren’t! ;)) and very chic. Aside from sweater vests and waistcoats, the geek look includes wide-rimmed glasses, ties, buttoned shirts with collars, sport coats and typography T-shirts.

Geek chic can go simple with a white buttoned shirt, slacks, and a tie; or fun with multiple layers – a bright solid color shirt, waist coat, long thin scarf, capri pant suit and knee-length socks. Then accentuate the look with horn-rimmed glasses, which has become a popular accessory used more for style than purpose, especially in the Far East Asia where frames without glass are the fashion.

Grace Woodward, a judge on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model stylishly sports big glasses with thick frames.

Paul Smith’s Ready-to-Wear Collection for 2011 is a cohesive fusion of masculine and geek.

PAUL SMITH – Spring/Summer Collection 2011 RTW Womenswear

PAUL SMITH – Fall/Winter Collection 2011 RTW Womenswear


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