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Come Close To Nature With Himalaya Herbals

Apr 9, 2016

Whether you’re a mom who goes to the office 8 hours a day then home for the rest of 16, or a mom who stays at home 24/7, you always gotta ‘work work work work work’. There’s little opportunity for some ‘me’ time to go out and smell the roses. Sure, some of us are fortunate to have help in the house, but just because you have a second pair of hands, it doesn’t mean that you’re home free. You still need to spend quality time with your little one, cook up a hearty meal for the family, and run errands.

Sometimes beauty and leisure no longer becomes a priority after you have kids, but you must sneak in an hour or even a day to be the one who gets pampered for a change. Every mom deserves some time off to clear your mind, rejuvenate and remind yourself that you have a life too, outside of the responsibilities towards your family and your work. Even something as simple as a warm bubble bath, followed by a soothing at-home beauty treatment with the Himalaya Herbals skincare range. Just like Mother Nature needs some TLC, so do you! 

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One Year With Frey

One Year With Frey

Jan 30, 2016

I’ve received several messages in the past year from people who follow my blog, about why I’ve stopped updating it regularly. I haven’t checked my blog’s inbox in about a year and as of yesterday, the unread email count is at 1946! It’s not that I’ve lost interest, I’ve just been happily spending my time in a mommy bubble with the sweetest little thing on earth, my son, Frey Skylar.

So when I could be sitting in the audience at a fashion show, attending a press launch of a brand’s latest collection, trying and testing a new product for an online review, or spending a couple hours at a photo shoot, editing photographs and writing an article, I’d really rather be at home with my little man after an 8-hour work day. It’s amazing how quickly he has grown, right before my very eyes, and I don’t ever want to miss a thing!


Jacket, Pants & Shoes – Mothercare / Bonnet – Babies’R’Us


Sweater – Babyshop / Pants, Shoes & Cap – Mothercare


Shirt – Mothercare / Bow & Suspenders – H&M / Pants – Babyshop / Shoes – Payless


Shirt – Next / Pants – Matalan / Shoes – Mothercare


Shirt – Matalan / Pants – Babyshop / Shoes – Babies’R’Us


Short – Gymboree / Shorts & Shoes – Mothercare


Cardigan – Matalan / Pants – Mothercare / Shoes – Payless


Shirt – Mothercare / Pants – Lulu


Shirt – H&M / Pants – Lulu


Shirt – Red Tag / Shorts – Mothercare / Shoes – Babies’R’Us


Shoes – Adidas / Shirt & Pants – Dragon Mart


Sweater – H&M / Pants – Babyshop / Shoes – Babies’R’Us


Shirt – Gap Kids / Pants – Babyshop / Shoes – H&M


Coat & Pants – Red Tag / Shoes – H&M


Jacket – Red Tag / Pants – Matalan / Shoes – H&M


Blazer – Marines / Pants – Matalan / Shoes – Carters


Shirt & Pants – Red Tag / Shoes – H&M

The Look Bureau Looks Roundup

Wrapping Up 2015

Dec 29, 2015

2015 has been the best year of my life: watching my son grow, developing skills every day, witnessing his first steps which turned into wobbly runs within a week, celebrating one year of his life in September and one year of motherhood, and filling up his closet (and mine, obviously)!

I’ll admit, I don’t fall into the category of moms who whipped themselves back to shape in the first year or less post-baby, and I won’t blame it on genes. I’m still holding onto a few extra pounds, call it lack of determination, or simply, it just doesn’t seem to matter all that much to me right now. Maybe tomorrow? :p

Don’t let the outfit posts fool you, there will always be at least one out of 50 photos that makes you look slimmer, and of course, that’s the one I’ll post. We’re not wasting film, are we? And there’s a function on iPhone called bursts…hahaha! Besides, does the scale impede your style? No, I didn’t think so.

So I’m wrapping up my 2015 with enthusiasm, good vibes, less stress, and a come-what-may outlook on life!


Top & Skirt – Shein / Handbag – Day to Day / Shoes – Marks & Spencer


Top – Shein / Skirt – Iconic


Dress – New Look / Belt – ASOS / Shoes – Forever21


Dress – H&M / Cardigan – Splash


Dress – New Look / Shoes – Charles & Keith / Cardigan – Lulu


Top & Skirt – New Look / Shoes – Matalan – Belt – ASOS


Dress – Guess / Shoes – Marks & Spencer


Top – News Look / Skirt – ASOS / Shoes – BCBGeneration


Dress – Guess / Shoes – Matalan


Dress – ASOS / Handbag – Charles & Keith / Shoes – SM Store

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The Look Bureau Looks Roundup

Instablogging. Yay or Nay?

Jun 8, 2015

So, I’m a new mom, and even though I’d like to spend Mondays in my pyjamas rolling around on my living room rug playing with my 9-month-old son, I can’t, because mama’s gotta make money, so mama’s gotta work! :) And when I get home, I’d rather not sit in front of my computer and blog about what I wore that day every so often.

Here’s where Instablogging comes in. Instagram has quickly become a visual form of Twitter microblogging, except it doesn’t have a 140 character limit so it’s not so micro (though you’d rarely find me writing an actual paragraph on Instagram, there’s a reason why captions have a character visibility limit). It’s less pressure and takes under 20 minutes to take a quick snap on your iPhone, crop, edit and write a one-liner. It’s every style enthusiast working mama’s dream. I’m not completely bidding farewell to my SLR camera and website, but for now, Instablogging suits me just fine. So, yay! :)











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The Indian Wedding

The Wedding Guest

Apr 9, 2015

I’ve never attended an Indian Wedding before, and that might seem strange for me to say since I’m technically married to an Indian, so let me rephrase that: I’ve never been to a traditional Indian wedding before where the dress code called for a sparkly elegant ensemble.

So in the glory of new experiences, especially since this would be the first wedding guest appearance ever for our little man (and what parent doesn’t love dressing their kid up in costume?), we decided to splurge on our Indian attires.

I was absolutely in love with the intricacies of Indian embroidery and the rich diversity of aesthetic styles that would make any woman spoiled for choice. So clearly I went a bit insane shopping for a dress that spoke to me, since I was surrounded by a flurry of loud whispers and could not make up my mind!

In the end I opted for a gold embroidered bright orange anarkali suit and topped off my ensemble with a rhinestone headpiece or tikka, with a complementing ring and sandals. My son was cuteness overload from head-to-toe (though he kicked off his shoes in the first ten minutes) in an embroidered gold and red kurta and my husband kept it simple sophisticated in a blue and black kurta.










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